Create, manage and collaborate
on meeting notes.

Smarkup is an easy-to-use app where you can work together.

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Why Smarkup?

Because it sucks when everyone in your team is using a different tool for writing things down.

Reasons why to switch with your team to Smarkup:
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A single place for everyone to write things down

No more hunting through shared folders across different tools. The more people use a single collaboration tool, the greater its reach, capabilities, usage and overall value.

Simple shared workspace

Everything in your workspace is shared with all workspace members.

Real-time collaborative editing

Multiple people can edit the same document at the same time. Collaborate on meeting agendas, notes or brainstormings.

Folder Structure

Flexible folder structure

Items in folders - that is a structure which everybody understands.

Files list
Pages and folders

Everyone knows how to organize items into folders. It's flexible, convenient, and without limits.

Linking files

You can select a text and link it to another file. This way, you can organize your content into multiple linked pages, instead of having one huge document.


You already know how to use it

Easy adoption across all departments and disciplines.

No learning curve

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. People already know how to use it, no training necessary.

Simple formatting options

Bring the number of unnecessary formatting decisions to a minimum. Everything always looks nice, clean, and easy to read.


A-tool for A-players

Everyone in your team should like their tools — especially the most productive people.

It’s fast!

Create a new page in a snap and type without any lag.


Work with multiple tabs in multiple windows.

Dark mode

For reducing eye strain and easier readability.

Keyboard shortcuts

Most of the stuff can be done without having to touch the mouse.


If you like Markdown, you'll love Smarkup.

No unnecessary steps

Create a new page by pressing a shortcut and start typing.

Minimalist design

Work without distractions in a beautiful app.

More to come

Comments, page templates and a lot more is already on our roadmap.

Create, manage and
collaborate in one place.

Notes, meeting agendas, knowledge bases, specifications.