Productivity focused app
for multitasking ninjas.

Notes. Todo lists. Meeting agendas. With no visual smog.

Multitasking meets simplicity

Everyone should like their tools — especially the most productive people.

Smarkup team


Context switching made easier.


Are you working on many things all at once? You can open multiple documents in tabs. It’s like using your favorite IDE.

Multiple windows

You can open multiple windows with multiple tabs. And each tab can be in a different workspace. Knock yourself out.


No visual smog

Calm and clean interface. No flashing hover effects or unnecessary popups.

No visual smog
No hover effects

In most apps, nearly every block of text has some specific hover effect. This can be really annoying... There is no such thing in Smarkup.

No popup smog

The toolbar for formatting is a static part of the interface. You can hide it and use just the keyboard shortcuts. If you select a text, no formatting popup shows up.


Super-readable dark mode

The dark mode is optimized for best readability.

Super-readable dark mode
Color coded

Headings and bold formats have a different color than the rest of the text. This makes them visible, so the dark mode is actually usable.


The dark mode is super-readable. It helps your eye to navigate the text and makes the emphasized parts pop up.


A-tool for A-players

Everyone should like their tools — especially the most productive people.

It’s fast!

Create a new page in a snap and type without any lag.


Work with multiple tabs in multiple windows.

Dark mode

For reducing eye strain and easier readability.

Keyboard shortcuts

Most of the stuff can be done without having to touch the mouse.


If you like Markdown, you'll love Smarkup.

No unnecessary steps

Create a new page by pressing a shortcut and start typing.

Minimalist design

Work without distractions in a beautiful app.

More to come

Comments, page templates and a lot more is already on our roadmap.


You already know how to use it

Easy adoption across all departments and disciplines.

No learning curve

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. People already know how to use it, no training necessary.

Simple formatting options

Bring the number of unnecessary formatting decisions to a minimum. Everything always looks nice, clean, and easy to read.

Folder Structure

Flexible folder structure

Items in folders - that is a structure which everybody understands.

Files list
Pages and folders

Everyone knows how to organize items into folders. It's flexible, convenient, and without limits.

Linking files

You can select a text and link it to another file. This way, you can organize your content into multiple linked pages, instead of having one huge document.


Quick search

Quickly find the page or folder by name.

Easy to search from anywhere

Search page or folder by name. If you don't remember where the page is located, you can search the file path.

Works well with tabs

Search results open in a new tab in the desktop app. This makes it easy to stay on track and multitask.

Desktop apps

Desktop apps for Mac & Windows

The desktop experience is brought to both major platforms.

Desktop apps
Desktop app for Mac

It feels like the Apple Notes. But with support for tabs and multiple windows.

Desktop app for Windows

Finally, a note-taking app that's not just Mac users can enjoy. Minimalist user experience is on Windows too!

Productivity focused app
for multitasking ninjas.

Notes, meeting agendas, knowledge bases, specifications.